BSS NDT Pvt Ltd is undoubtedly the best QA QC training institute in Kerala. Jobs in QA QC has gained a lot of prominence in recent years because of the high paying capacity of these jobs. Politicians or quality control engineers are responsible for ensuring that the quality of products and services produced by the company are above par and in tune with the quality requirements of the customers. They perform valuable jobs such as coordinate inspections and determine politicians testing models of raw materials as well as finished products. They also prepare, document and execute detailed test pl  

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Quality control is a process by which an individual or a company review the quality of all factors involved in the production phase. It is basically a part of quality management which is completely focused on fulfilling quality requirements for customers & clients. In todays competitive market, quality is no longer a separate part of production but the very cornerstone of a successful company. Hence the increased demand for professional quality analysts (QA) and Quality Control (QC) engineers in the job market. If you are looking for the best QA or QC courses in Ernakulam, look no further tha  

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BSS NDT Private Limited, under the able leadership of Mr Biju Pappu has gone on to become the largest NDT training Centre in Kochi. With this post, we would like to extend our congratulations to all who have decided to start your career with BSS NDT. We assure you of the most trusted placements from our end. Come and attend our job oriented training programs. Next batch starts on 23rd September 2019. Our Courses : QA/QC , NDT , AWS, CSWIP, API, NEBOSH, MEP , ISO9712 #NDT #OIL & GAS #QA/QC #NEBOSH #AWS #Diploma ,#ITI FOR MORE INFO : 9744486921 Email:  

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According to the leading listing company - JustDial, BSS NDT Private Limited is one of the Top 30 Oil And Gas Training Institutes in Ernakulam. The main reason for this high ranking among the hundreds of similar institute is the good faculty and the expert guidance of Mr. Biju Pappu who has be judged as one of the best Oil & Gas Industry Trainers according to the experts. For more details, please visit Click Here  

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BSS NDT Private Limited is the leading coaching institute for all NDT related courses. NDT or Non-Destructive Testing is basically testing that doesn't damage the tested product. This procedure has been around for a long time and has gained a lot of popularity in the business and manufacturing sector for its numerous benefits. This is why there is an enormous amount of job opportunities in this area. According to Mr. Biji Pappu, Managing Director of BSS NDT, "Non Destructive Testing is a growing career. NDT means that the parts and materials which are being tested or inspected don't have to b  

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If you are looking to score well in your CSWIP exams then you need to train yourself from a good institute like BSS NDT Pvt Ltd. It is the most premium institute in Kochi providing training in areas such as NDT, QA/QC, Oil & GAS, Piping & of course Welding technologies. To know more about us please visit Click Here  

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A lot of our students and their parents are confused by the term QA & QC. BSS NDT is a leading provider of QA QC Training in Kochi and we have to guide the students before they join our courses. QC is a set of activities for ensuring the optimum quality of products manufactured by a company or industry or factory. The activities involved in quality control (QC) focus purely on identifying defects in the actual products manufactured. QA, on the other hand, aims to prevent defects in the products by focussing on the process that is used to make the product. Compared to QC it is a proactive quali  

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Why are more and more students moving towards QA/QC training course in Ernakulam? Has quality control become that important for companies. The short answer is yes. Quality Control and Quality Assurance has now become an indispensable part of the manufacturing process of any ISO Certified company. As per the new rules of ISO Online Certifications of Quality Management Systems, QA/QC should be a core function of all manufacturing and production process as well as supply chain processes. That is why there is a huge need for Quality Assurance and Control personnel. If you are looking for the best  

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If you are looking to gain American Welding Society Training in Kerala, then BSS NDT is the only place where you can get such training! In a span of 8 years, BSS NDT has trained and placed more than 5789 students in various industries like Oil & Gas, Safety Training, as Safety Trainers etc. The main reason for our success in the quality of our trainers who have been with us for over 5 years. The American Welding Society was founded in 1919 as a non-profit organization to advance the science, technology and application of welding and allied joining and cutting processes, including brazing, so  

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BSS NDT is the premier institute offering Oil & Gas as well as NDT training in Kochi. IF you are looking for a good career in the oil and gas industry then you need to pass certain tests and acquire certification from the designated bodies. Here is where BSS NDT has earned its name as the leading training institute offering Oil & GAS as well a QA?QC training in Angamaly, Kochi. Our office is located in a prime location and is capable of training more than 300 students at a go.  

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    Practice is the hardest part of learning. Training is the essence of transformation.

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    » Well qualified and industrial Experienced faculties. » Smart class rooms. » Students are trained to become professionals as per industrial standards. » Hands on practical training with advanced equipments

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    Admission Open 2018

    Practice is the hardest part of learning. Training is the essence of transformation.

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    » BSS NDT is the best plaform to get placed in different countries. » We have already assisted more than 1000 candidates to get placed abroad.

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BSS NDT PVT LTD is a well reputed NDT training and services company based in Angamaly, Cochin. We are offering a world class training, examination and consultancy services in the field of Non- Destructive Testing. We are focused on providing training & services on different methods with experienced hands . The Training Institute in Angamaly is custom built with state of the art technology providing ambient space, well equipped lecture halls, separate practical training rooms with necessary equipment , accessories, flawed samples for testing and more.

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BSS NDT have a full fledged placement department handled by highly motivated and experienced staffs. Our innovative strategy has been to productize our services so that we can give dedicated focus on each one of them to ensure faster and quality delivery.

Placed Candidates

Course / ISO 9712


Course Content: Principles of magnetism; magnetic fields; induction; permeability and reluctance; magnetization; lines of force, methods of testing; interpretation of indications; demagnetization; practical exercises; methods of assessing sensitivity; instruction writing.

Course / Other Courses


Course Content: QA/QC mechanical course covers following areas of mechanical construction field- Industrial drawings, Piping & pipeline engineering, Welding inspection as per ASME section IX & section II, NDT (PT, MT, RT, UT). Based on ASME section V, Material engineering, Based on ASME section II.

Courses / Other Courses


Course Content: American Welding Society. The American Welding Society (AWS) was founded in 1919 as a non-profit organization with a global mission to advance the science, technology and application of welding and allied joining and cutting processes.